Dual Band Versus Tri-Band Routers - What's The Difference?

Staff WriterStaff Writer7/29/2022

What are triband routers?

A triband router is a device that uses three separate bands to connect wirelessly to devices. The three bands are the 2.4GHz band, the 5GHz band, and the 60GHz band.

What are Dual Band and Tri Band Routers?

There are two main types of WiFi routers- dual band and tri band. Dual band routers have two different frequency bands that they use to communicate with devices, while tri band routers have three.

Dual band routers are typically faster and more versatile than single band routers, since they can operate on both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequency bands. This means that they can connect to more devices and provide better speeds overall.

Tri band routers are even faster than dual band ones, since they have an additional 5GHz frequencyband that they can use. This extra bandwidth allows for even better performance when there are a lot of devices connected to the network.

What's the Difference Between Dual Band and Tri Band Routers?

Tri band routers are more expensive than dual band routers and offer better performance, but they may not be worth the extra cost for everyone. Dual band routers can handle more devices at once and have two separate wireless networks (one 5 GHz and one 2.4 GHz), while tri band routers have three (one 2.4 GHz and two 5 GHz). This means that tri band routers theoretically have less congestion and can provide higher speeds, but in practice, the difference is often negligible.

Is a Dual Band or Tri Band Router Better for a Restaurant?

A dual band router typically offers two separate and dedicated networks which can help to improve traffic flow and prevent congestion. A tri band router adds an additional network which can further help to optimize performance, especially if there are a lot of devices that need to be connected. For a restaurant, a tri band router would likely be the best option in order to ensure that there is enough bandwidth to support all of the different devices that might be needed.

Which Should You Buy? A Dual Band or Tri Band Router?

When deciding whether to buy a dual band or tri band router, there are a few things you should consider. First, what is your budget? If you have a limited budget, then a dual band router might be the best option for you. However, if you have a larger budget, then a tri band router would be the better choice. Second, what is your use case? If you need to cover a large area with Wi-Fi, then a tri band router would be the better option. However, if you only need to cover a smaller area, then a dual band router would suffice. Third, how many devices do you need to connect to the Wi-Fi? If you only need to connect a few devices, then a dual band router would be enough. However, if you need to connect more than 10 devices at once, then a tri band router would give you the best performance.